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The Earth Now! Project        Terms of Use  

The Earth Now! Project is a non for profit collaborative platform

creating fun Environmental Education Games available for everyone.

Games that will challenge players to understand the climate emergency and environmental breakdown, enabling them to find ideal solutions.

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Volunteer/Collaborate Help Develop Online and

Mobile Versions


Education and Environmental Organizations demand it. 

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Why Games?

One theme, one narrative, multiple outcomes.

Strategy game players are used to making decisions in big, complex, systems-driven environments of smart, highly interactive serious games. Systemic environmental breakdown being a natural fit. Games allow us to make decisions, virtually experiencing the impacts of those decisions and learn from them in a way that other mediums like film and TV, simply can’t match. With added bonus of hitting the restart button and try again with newfound knowledge and wisdom at your side.

War, capitalistic, land control themed games have historically dominated the scene, culturally re-enforcing the system that caused the socio-environmental problems we currently face.

It is time for a new approach, considering that we are part of the web of life and taking

care of it is the same as taking care of ourselves.

New games with consistent narratives can be part of a cultural transformation process.

We are all in this together.

Teaching The Truth About Climate Breakdown is essential.

Only when enough people come to understand this crisis we will have a chance at changing

the system that's causing it.