Earth Now!

 Earth Now! is the first game to deal with the paradox of economic growth vs. the health of the biosphere.

It’s about people getting together for the common good.

It will challenge players to learn how the commonly known term Climate Change [Breakdown] is a symptom with deep roots on Ecological Overshoot and directly linked to

the constant pursuit of economic growth on a finite planet.

 Through valuable forms of cooperation we can figure out how to change the system and create better and healthier societies that will work with nature, not against it.

Looking for partners and collaborators to develop a fully dedicated Online Multiplayer and

Mobile App versions Free for All to Play!

These versions have been prototyped [as shown below]

Developers, programers and designers can join the project to collaborate in making this possible.

Eeath Now! Circle BW.png
Eeath Now! Circle BW.png

Help us develop the Online Multiplayer + App Versions

Board game origins

The game was originally designed, prototyped and tested as a Board Game.

There is no better form of interactive play, but producing each copy requires physical materials and shipping. This version would be a Limited Edition.

A limited edition of minimum 1000 and maximum of 3000 copies would be made possible if enough 

supporters pledge 50 euros for one copy or 90 for two, shipping included.

To be sent directly to contributor or teacher / school / environmental group of choice. 

Pledge for a copy of the board game

Play Now! Free Online Board Game version available

Click on Image Below to access:    

TTcover screen shot copy.png

Playing the game:

Each player owns a region with intense human footprint, a representation of the global north.

The goal is to regenerate and protect ecosystems through strategic use of resources and partnerships, leading to significant changes in the system. The goals are the creation of life abundant ecosystems, bringing balance back to the biosphere and prevent the ice caps from melting, stopping climate disruption.

Failing to do so will exacerbate our multidimensional predicament. A corrupt and incompetent old establishment, man made and natural disasters are set to make it a tough challenge. 

All happening as a simulation, a look at the narrow window for us to act. 


The score system is both individual and collective, incentivizing players to aim for higher collective results that could be compared to other tables or screens playing simultaneously.

Environmentally themed games tend to approach a symptom techno-fix simplistic

solution perspective,  communicating a false and very narrow-minded worldview.  

Earth Now! offers a counter narrative, dealing with the root of the problems from an inclusive, 

 humane, social, life appreciating, participative, grounded perspective.

One of respect and interconnectedness with the wisdom of the natural world. 

This game is the result of intensive research of over 500 inspiring and informative scientific papers, videos and articles by many bright and courageous minds. All put together in a design

representing an abstract version of planet earth in present times.

Eeath Now! Circle BW.png


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