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The Earth Now! Project        Terms of Use  



The Earth Now! Project is going live on spring 2020 looking for support to:

1. Fund the creation of the first Earth Now! game in at least one of three versions: Dedicated Online Multi-Player, Mobile App, Limited Edition Board Game. The games will be developed by a core team of collaborators if they sign up or we will work with a game design studio. 

2. Find Communication Partners to make the games available to as many people as possible, prioritizing schools and teachers who are actually demanding this to have kind of support material.

3. If we succeed in attracting enough support for these initial steps we will proceed to legally  incorporate a nonprofit organization based in the EU.

Serious Games

Putting the words “serious” and “game” together may seem odd, but in recent years, serious games have proven that it is possible to learn while you play. This teaching method is known as game-based learning, a trend that is expanding at high speed in schools, universities and beyond.

Serious games are games whose primary objective is not fun or entertainment, rather learning or practicing a skill. Its use has grown, particularly in such sectors as education, science or health. 


New Games

Current focus is to develop the Earth Now! game in different versions. Once we get enough funds and the core design team is created we will launch new games and work on a section for submitting new games.