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Board Game Online Version

Earth Now! is the first game dealing with the paradox of economic growth vs. the health of the biosphere.

This is an adapted version of the original game.

It will challenge players to learn about the root cause of a problem [Ecological Overshoot] and instead of treating the symptoms [Climate Change], and focus on changing the drivers of ecological overshoot. Figuring out valuable forms of cooperation to create better and healthier societies that will work with nature, not against it.

Each player owns a region with intense human footprint and they have to find ways to regenerate and protect ecosystems, strategizing and managing partnerships with all other players, good use of resources and good calls will make it possible to keep the ice caps from melting while failing to do so will only exacerbate the problems. Improvements can be done independently but many interactions with partners take place so working collectively will likely result in a better outcome.

The score system is both individual and collective, incentivizing players to aim for higher collective results that could be compared to other tables playing simultaneously.

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